Functions for working with custom properties

Filling in the title block and creation of part list are another activities that Asistent CAD makes you easier.
  • Information from the file to the drawing

    Asistent CAD contains functions for collective filling the number and name of the drawing from the file name to title block.

  • Information from container to the drawing

    Electronic container of material helps during searching of suitable material and fills it in data at the drawing of the model. The container is created from yours data in file properties. The data are taken and proceed so you always have them ready to another use. You will not have to search for material dimensions, standards, and the material signature.

  • The part list from information in drawing

    Asistent CAD supports part list with more implementations and import data to Excel files. It is possible to do part list for 8 implementation of assemblies. The application allows filling in the data that are common to drawings of parts, part positions in assembly drawing and in part list. The part list enables even authorize of files by the supervisor.

  • Collective editations of data for model drawings

    You can search and edit data from properties in all files. Thanks for this function you can collectively change data in file properties and so the title block of drawings.

  • Information in the drawings

    The application also allows to calculate the masses for selected files and inserts these values into file properties.



Video 1: Copy Assembly
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