Tools for reviewing of data and projects
  • They allow searching and marking files with made changes in the model. This function finds out even very small changes that you would not notice for large and difficult assembly.

  • Another functionality is the marking of duplicated files with information about the same model. Who has already solved the problem if the files with the same name have the same model will really appreciate this function.

  • You can search files with similar model. Do you need to search similar parts easily? With Asistent CAD finally you can.

  • You can search and compare all files of assemblies with drawings. Do not you know in which file the assemblies differ? Our function knows it.

  • You can easily search and mark files from all folders that satisfy your requirements. Do you need quickly to find only those drawings for the weldment parts that belong to assemblies?

  • You also can select and compare files according to arbitrary information. Do you search files that have material DIN 1.4301, which you have to replace another.

  • Now you can select and compare all files of up to three assemblies.

  • You can also select and compare files of up to eight assemblies in one level. Compare arbitrary assemblies and find out differencies of up to eight files.

  • You can find helpful information about drawing, broaken links, numbers of parent files and subfiles, mirroring, top, etc.



Video 1: Copy Assembly
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