Design manager

The modul Design manger makes the work easier and quicker. It speeds up and makes the creation of drawing documentation more accurate.
    • It contains functions for part lists creations at 8 versions.
    • It allows taking positions from part lists to positions at assembly drawing.
    • Exports created part list to Excel file.
    • It offers possibility of manual edition and correction of positions in part lists.
    • It supervises already created part lists for changes.
    • It eliminates information item from part lists.
    • It contains electronic container for filling information about the project.
    • It allows to approved part lists and files with electronic signature.
    • The files are automatically sorted during creation of part list. This sequence can be changed and handled arbitrarily.
    • At already created part lists new files can only be moved to free positions at part list.
    • Already created part list can be imported to Asistent CAD application. This function allows interchanging of file documentation among users.
This figure shows a form of part list. In the top table there are files from those the part list is created. In the second table there is a container of material. In the third table there are files of assemblies for those the part lists are created. Underneath of the table there are command buttons for creation and editation of part list. The part list works in several modes. Here is an example of created part list due to a macro in application Asistent CAD for Excel. This macro enables various settings of displayed data.


Video 1: Copy Assembly
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