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Make your work more effective when you need to search for information and to operate with files.
  • Rules for the file names

    Implementation of rules for file names brings a number of advantages. Most important advantages are following:

    • the file names always have the nonchangeable (resolute) rules for purchased stuff and manufactured parts
    • you know that you will find the part you are looking for at one place
    • created component or partis in main space is only one
    • file name belongs only to one component

  • Duplication in file names

    The application includes tools for searching of duplicated files and for their removal. During their removal the user is informed about the equality of models so he can change the name at files that do not have the same model.

  • Finding out the files with modified model

    This function searches for files with really changed models and allows the user to change file name or to do a file revision.

  • Finding out the files with broken links

    This function searches and displays icons for all assemblies that contain not-searched files. The application has also tools for the recovery of the links for the not-searched files in the assemblies. The user is informed during the file processing, that a file exists, and this file could be used for direct replacement for the not-searched file.

  • Finding out various information about the files

    You can search for assemblies that have links to files outside the selected directory, for file information about the drawings with the same number.



Video 1: Copy Assembly
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