Main use

The application Asistent CAD helps in all activities with users files and date of Solid Edge. Using its tolls you can save even tens of minutes per day.
  • Effective work with files

    It extends the functionality of files documentation in Solid Edge with tools for more effective work with files. The application generates the paths and sets the links of processed files instead of user. Furthermore, it supports processing of the files that can be stored at Linux server. The Asistent CAD does not need for its work the installation of Sharepoint.

  • Easy to clean duplicate files from a directory

    Easy and well-arranged processing of files together with their drawings provides easy cleaning duplicate file from a directory. The application tools not only search the duplicated files according to their same names, but also to their same model. The application allows the user to find out these information, to work with them at users will and therefore it gives a good expectation that these files will be well processed. These functions can be used not only for selection valid files in directory space, but we recomendet to use them before starting PLM system.

  • Tool for projects management

    For managers this application offers the tools for project management and for data mining information from files. Asistant CAD provides information about the state of the projects thanks for very effective functions. The functions are very universal and allow you to get and to search for files according to your various specific data. Even logical functions are implemented for better efficiency of processing files (instersection, unique, negation of file sets).

  • New file names and file revisions

    Furthermore, another functions help to design managers and spare their time during creation a new file names and file revisions. These functions enable massive changes of drawing number, file name and file indexation. When you rename a file, the drawing and links of parent files are processed automatically. These links change according to the user options. With the application Asistent CAD you can make a change of the file name in the way that the links are changed at all superior files or only at the assembly that you need.

  • Bill of materials and parts

    The functions of electronic bill of material and parts make creation of drawing documentation easier and more effective for the user. They offer to user data those have been already used while completing the drawings.



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